Scott Mills on samba: ‘It was the first week I wasn’t terrified’

Scott Mills on samba: ‘It was the first week I wasn’t terrified’

Scott Mills has said performing on Strictly Come Dancing last weekend wasn’t as terrifying as it had been previously.

Dancing the samba to The Little Mermaid track ‘Under the Sea’ as part of Movies Week, Mills was dressed as a crab.

Scott Mills and Joanne Clifton


Scott Mills and Joanne Clifton

In an interview with Zoe Ball on It Takes Two, Mills said: “I’ll tell you why it was such fun, apart from the outfit, the whole thing and the song which is kind of a kids’ song. It was the first time I hadn’t felt absolutely terrified.

“It’s the third time I’ve done it and you get used to what it’s going to feel like, with the audience and the pressure of the judges.

“When you first do it in the first couple of weeks, I honestly can’t remember it.”

Continuing to speak about the performance, he clarified that he was a little bit nervous before he started.

Movie week kicks of on Strictly


Movie Week

The DJ said: “I’m behind a massive bit of fake coral and any second I’m gonna have to kind of pincer my way across the stage.

“It was this impending doom, but I did it.”

The reaction to the comedy routine has been so positive that his radio producer now wants to start a campaign to turn the routine into the next dance craze.

“Yeah, he wants it to become the new ‘Gangnam Style’,” Mills said, “and there’s various gifs going around today which repeats for seven seconds of me doing this [mimes pincer dance move] across the stage”

Mills and Joanne Clifton will be performing the American Smooth on this weekend’s show.

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