Sorry X Factor! One Direction’s Liam Payne is a secret fan of STRICTLY star Scott Mills

Sorry X Factor! One Direction’s Liam Payne is a secret fan of STRICTLY star Scott Mills

  • Liam Payne has sent a message of support to Scott Mills
  • Scott Mills already has celebrity backing from Radio 1 host Nick Grimshaw
  • Scott Mills has been giving his all on Strictly Come Dancing
  • Scott Mills says his day job on Radio 1 keeps him grounded
Scott Mills may not be top of the leader board on Strictly, but his cheeky smile has got the public voting for him week after week.
Along with his army of Radio 1 listeners, he’s also got a catalogue of celebrity fans backing him on the show. From Robbie Williams and The Hoff, to his radio buddy Grimmy, Scott’s definitely not short of support. But who’s next in his list of celeb contacts for the next time he needs to call a friend?

Only Liam Payne from One Direction!

‘I’ve had a message from Liam from One Direction which is quite good. I think a Royal would be quite good. I think that’s the only thing after a member of One Direction. I’m slightly worried that I’m going to run out of people,’ Scott told us.

Scott needn’t worry! No matter what, he’s got the support of his partner-in-crime from his radio show, Chris Stark, who’s been pretty keen about getting Scott through each week, and has got a campaign running for him. #‎DropItLikeItsScott!

Chris says: ‘I was quite annoyed by the judges this weekend actually.’

‘He said he’d heckle!’ Scott jumped in.

‘I would if I got to come and watch a show. Someone needs to say something!’ Chris added.

Aw! Chris has got your back Scott! And no surprise either that he feels that way, after some of the harsh comments that he and his dance partner, Joanne Clifton, have received from the judges. But was he suprised by them?

Scott says: ‘Yes, 100%. But that’s the thing about Strictly, you cannot call it. You don’t know who’s going to vote, and even people they think would feel they are safe, they don’t.’

But every week, he gives it his all – even when he’s dressed as a crab and dancing to The Little Mermaid! – and gets to come back to the safety of his radio show.

‘What’s been quite nice is I go there, I do it, and I do it to the best of my ability – but when I go to Radio 1 I’m then like “Oh this is my job, I’m actually quite good at this!” And it kind of grounds you a bit if you’ve got awful comments, or you’ve had a bad day at training.’

With the other celebs in the show starting to get 7s and 8s from the judges, who’s Scott eyeing up as his competition?

‘I don’t know really – what’s happening now is, all the boys are getting really good. And my worry is I’ll be left behind. Particularly Mark Wright has really come on, and Thom Evans is good.

Simon Webb has always been good. But Thom and Mark are the ones to beat because they have come on leaps and bounds.’

Despite all this though, Scott is totes loving being on the show, and getting his dancing shoes on every week – and is feeling fitter than ever!

He says: ‘I feel strong here [shoulders] and here [biceps]. Next week I’m doing the charleston, which is literally hopping around for like six hours a day.’

We can’t wait to see Scott hopping around – and now we know Liam can’t either!

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